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Centers For Behavioral Health


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I like the people here. I like the staff and interacting. It helps me express myself and understand my disability.


I gain confidence for myself and be happy that is why I attend the program. I enjoy being at Life Skills because I meet people and help people. I enjoy joining in the groups. I can think positive and make myself happy that is what I hope to gain from coming to the program.


The program gives me a chance to interact with my peers and learn from staff and peers. I enjoy the interaction with others because it pulls me out of my depression and isolation. I hope to gain relief from my symptoms so I can achieve my goals of going back to school and work again.


I attend the program to gather with others, to see the doctor and get out the house. I enjoy being at the program because staff takes me out on outings. I hope to gain a new chapter of my life and to stay well.


I attend the program because there’s always something to do rather than sit home. I enjoy this program because it’s helpful and staff take us places. I hope to gain more independence with my goals.


I attend the program because I like being around my peers. I enjoy the different subjects and topics that the staff offers. I hope to obtain more life skills.


I come to get help with my management skills and life preparation. To participate in the community, get along with people. I want to learn money management. I like the groups, being able to talk my problems, my peers, when other people have the same experiences and thoughts. Learn how to control my thoughts and manage money


This program has helped me to not feel sorry for myself which has been a problem for years. I look at life with a positive attitude. Helps me be honest with myself first. Any staff that is here to help deal with things that would otherwise upset me. Thanks!


I come here to do something, to be involved. If I was home, I would probably be watching tv or doing something non-productive. It’s good for me to get out for a few hours. I like the activities now. It was a time when we were not going on trips. Now we are doing a lot of things. I have been coming to Life Skills for about four or five years.

Centers for Behavioral Health

Located in Gaithersburg and Baltimore, Maryland, the Centers for Behavioral Health provide comprehensive behavioral health services throughout the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. We offer dynamic holistic rehabilitation services through our residential and day programs. We are best center for behavioral health in Gaithersburg and Baltimore, Maryland. Check out our best reviews.